At Mercy, we have 100s of digital stories created each year and I think stories are meant to be told! In 2012 the faculty learning community on digital storytelling created an event to showcase these transformative stories. We were inspired by the Oscars so we created the Digital Storytelling Awards, or The Digi’s. A campus-wide […]

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Matt on August 1, 2017

I had the distinct pleasure of attending a film festival in Dobbs Ferry, where a handful of digital stories, created by Mercy College students, were screened.  Just a little background, these students are not filmmakers, they are aspiring educators, scientist, business leaders… a range of disciplines.  There was a Math story! After the screening students […]

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Matt on August 23, 2012

I did it.  I went up on stage and told a story at the Moth.  When I saw the theme, in this case it was “Yin Yang,” I had little trouble coming up with a story, which surprised me.  I usually hem and haw over the story then chicken out. But not this time. This time […]

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Matt on July 28, 2012

Below is a digital story I created called “Learning to Listen.”  On the surface, I decided to tell it because I could use it as an example of the kind of story that my future students would create. But personally, I decided on this story because the moment, when my colleague John gave me the compliment “Your […]

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Over the summer, I did a second 3-day workshops with CDS.  It was lead by Joe Lambert their Executive Director.  Much like the first, it was fun, hard-work, frustrating, satisfying, and touching.  The main difference was that it was with faculty from Mercy College, all of whom are truly collaborative and supportive colleagues.    In the […]

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Matt on December 6, 2011

A group of Mercy College colleagues and I went to UMass for a NERCOMP Special Interest Group (SIG) conference on Digital Storytelling.  My piece consisted of telling the story of how a few people at the college that were interested in storytelling championed a major project across almost every school at the college.  It was a real […]

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It began with a meeting, well a gathering of educators.  The Faculty Learning Community never has a meeting, it’s a ‘doing’.  In this gathering, we highlighted Digital Storytelling as a kind of authentic assessment that could replace a traditional research paper in the Freshmen Seminar course.  This lead to a strong partnership with myself and […]

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Matt on June 29, 2011

  Over a 9-week period I participated in a storytelling workshop. The culminating experience on the 9th week was a live performance. I stood in front of about 30 people to tell a 10 minute story I wrote and developed in the weeks prior. I loved making people laugh. I love d the energy of […]

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In Dec. 2011, I did a presentation telling the story or ‘Evolution’ of digital storytelling at Mercy College.  But about 8 months prior, I had a chance to practice telling this story at the NERCOMP annual meeting in Providence, RI.  I was going to be on a panel moderated by none other than Bryan Alexander, […]

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Matt on October 1, 2010

In 2010, I did a 3-day workshop with the CDS.  It was fun, terrible, awesome, rewarding, and touching all at once.  To 8 strangers, I told a story that I would not have dared to share.  But because of the supportive nature of the group I was able to handle it.  The story is called “That Soft […]

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