Matt on August 23, 2012

I did it.  I went up on stage and told a story at the Moth.  When I saw the theme, in this case it was “Yin Yang,” I had little trouble coming up with a story, which surprised me.  I usually hem and haw over the story then chicken out. But not this time. This time […]

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Matt on July 28, 2012

Below is a digital story I created called “Learning to Listen.”  On the surface, I decided to tell it because I could use it as an example of the kind of story that my future students would create. But personally, I decided on this story because the moment, when my colleague John gave me the compliment “Your […]

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Over the summer, I did a second 3-day workshops with CDS.  It was lead by Joe Lambert their Executive Director.  Much like the first, it was fun, hard-work, frustrating, satisfying, and touching.  The main difference was that it was with faculty from Mercy College, all of whom are truly collaborative and supportive colleagues.    In the […]

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Matt on December 6, 2011

A group of Mercy College colleagues and I went to UMass for a NERCOMP Special Interest Group (SIG) conference on Digital Storytelling.  My piece consisted of telling the story of how a few people at the college that were interested in storytelling championed a major project across almost every school at the college.  It was a real […]

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It began with a meeting, well a gathering of educators.  The Faculty Learning Community never has a meeting, it’s a ‘doing’.  In this gathering, we highlighted Digital Storytelling as a kind of authentic assessment that could replace a traditional research paper in the Freshmen Seminar course.  This lead to a strong partnership with myself and […]

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Matt on June 29, 2011

  Over a 9-week period I participated in a storytelling workshop. The culminating experience on the 9th week was a live performance. I stood in front of about 30 people to tell a 10 minute story I wrote and developed in the weeks prior. I loved making people laugh. I love d the energy of […]

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In Dec. 2011, I did a presentation telling the story or ‘Evolution’ of digital storytelling at Mercy College.  But about 8 months prior, I had a chance to practice telling this story at the NERCOMP annual meeting in Providence, RI.  I was going to be on a panel moderated by none other than Bryan Alexander, […]

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Matt on October 1, 2010

In 2010, I did a 3-day workshop with the CDS.  It was fun, terrible, awesome, rewarding, and touching all at once.  To 8 strangers, I told a story that I would not have dared to share.  But because of the supportive nature of the group I was able to handle it.  The story is called “That Soft […]

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