In Dec. 2011, I did a presentation telling the story or ‘Evolution’ of digital storytelling at Mercy College.  But about 8 months prior, I had a chance to practice telling this story at the NERCOMP annual meeting in Providence, RI.  I was going to be on a panel moderated by none other than Bryan Alexander, a Senior Fellow at NITLE and recent author of “The New Digital Storytelling.”  To a packed room of over 200 NERCOMP attendees, my colluege and I had 15 minutes to tell the Mercy story.  Swathmore College did the same.

During the question and answer, the subject of eporfolio came up.  Trent Batson, President of AAEEBL, raised an excellent point.  Digital stories and eporfolios are pretty much the same thing.  One tells the story of a significant learning experience, the other tells a story of academic progress over time.  That comment has stuck with me.

What also stuck with me was watching Bryan Alexander, write, keep track of time, tweet to his followers, forward the powerpoint, switch to QuickTime for the story examples, and field questions from the room.  It reminded me of a jazz musician.  He music being information!

Here is the Prezi from the NERCOMP breakout session:

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