It began with a meeting, well a gathering of educators.  The Faculty Learning Community never has a meeting, it’s a ‘doing’.  In this gathering, we highlighted Digital Storytelling as a kind of authentic assessment that could replace a traditional research paper in the Freshmen Seminar course.  This lead to a strong partnership with myself and the head library at Mercy College, which then led to a deep collaboration with a team of Freshmen Seminar Faculty.  In 2010, the Digital Storytelling movement at Mercy started with 4 faculty and now more than 35 faculty are using it in 100’s of courses.

December 2011, the original team was asked to present at the NERCOMP Special Interest Group on Digital Storytelling at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. Here is the powerpoint presentation from my segment called “Evolution of Digital Storytelling at Mercy College.”


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