At Mercy, we have a 100s of digital stories created each year and I think stories are meant to be told! In 2012 the faculty learning community on digital storytelling created an event to show case these transformative stories. We thought of the Oscars and said, let’s do that, but call it the Digital Storytelling Awards, or The Digi’s. A campus-wide event meant to connect a community and sustain our Digital Storytelling movement at Mercy College. The end goal is to to get these stories in front of an larger audience. At the time of writing this we have had 5 years of successful Digi Awards.

Check out the Mercy College news brief highlighting the 5th year!

Pic of news article

Great article on the 5th Annual Digi Awards

Matt with winning student

I hosted the Digi’s! It was a pleasure handing out the awards.


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