A group of Mercy College colleagues and I went to UMass for a NERCOMP Special Interest Group (SIG) conference on Digital Storytelling.  My piece consisted of telling the story of how a few people at the college that were interested in storytelling championed a major project across almost every school at the college.  It was a real honor to be the one to tell the story and I tried to do it following the story structure we preach to our students.  Feytag’s triangle, beginning – middle – end.  Inciting Incidents, raising stakes, and of course a main event!  Here are my slides from the presentation.

My colleagues presented on the classroom experience and the development of rubrics and assesesment tools.  We all worked together to ensure the digital story assignment connected to the student learning outcomes.
As I look back on the day, it is a fond memory. I can honestly say that in the moment I forget that I was working and just had fun!


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