You can read the following in latin that the top of my Improv Certificate:

improv_certificate_seal“If this unusual thing is true, then what will happen next?”

I’ve finished my basic improv training from the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theatre, but this nugget of truth, for me, is a tough skill to master.  What they are saying to do is listen closely to what your scene partner says, what you, yourself, are saying, and remember everything that is happening (movements, gestures, etc.).  Latch onto the first thing you find that is unusual.  It’s the first thing that is NOT what we expect to happen.   If this break from the norm (this unusual thing) is true, then what happens next?  The improvisor should not have to think about what happens next, but he/she should be living in the scene and act.  The next moves in the scene will be funny because they are breaking the normal.  It’s also simplifies what can, can’t or rather should, shouldn’t happen.

It is a challenge and I absolutely love doing it!


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