Last summer, I spent 10 days in Nicaragua.  I took some time to experiment with a Cannon EOS T3i camera.  I had just one lens 18-55mm, and boy I could have used a telephoto!  The howler monkeys were so far away.

Bunch a bugs  On a walk around Lake Apoyo, I found these colorful insects eating a dropped crumb of bread. Using a wide f-stop and the macro setting on the camera, I was able to get close.  Even with a lens up close, these bugs were not at all concerned.  See the full picture.
Stopping for a quick lunch in the main square in Granada, Michele and I decided to sample the most popular drinks.  Chicha (pink) and Cacoa (black).  They were both super sweet and refreshing on such a hot day!  I used the widest f-stop allowed with the available light.  In Photoshop I saturated the colors to make the drinks ‘pop’ a little. See the full picture here. ChiCha & Cacoa drinks
Howler Monkey looks down Here is when a telephoto lens would have been great. This howler monkey, perched about 30 feet up, was quite elusive. Leaving the Cannon to automatic settings I zoomed in as close as I could get. In Photoshop I did a little cropping to get even closer. Finally, I used the dogde/burn tool to bring out the features of his face. See the full picture here.

If you’d like to see more, I posted my favorite pictures to Flickr.


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