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Screen shot of IDD website.

Instructional Design and Development at Elon University
The first major project I was involved with at Elon, was to recreate their website. The goal was mainly to make it conform with all other departments on campus.

Elon has since completed a major revision to the site, to which I did not contribute.

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Taste Wine with Passion: a Webquest
Created this webquest as an assignment for UMass’s Designing Web-Based Training course.

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The Alchymie Store
Designed and built this website for a friend trying to start her own business.

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The ID Café
This site was an idea for a capstone project. It was an attempt to make a portal site for instructional designers.  Although it scored great with my classmates and professors, it never got off the ground.

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Click for My Version

The Redlight Café
A school project to redesign a website. Compare my version with their version.


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The Seoul Brotha
Two concepts for an artist’s showcase: Concept 1 and Concept 2.

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