I’ve watched this TED talk by Derek Sivers a few times and think it makes such a complex idea so creatively simple.  Just like the base tenent of improv “Yes, and”.

Derek says, if you are the lone nut, the shirtless dancing guy all alone, it is VITAL to nurture your first follower. He goes on to say that leadership is over glorified.  It’s the first follower that transforms the shirtless nut into a brilliant leader.

The base tenant of Improv, Yes and, tells us to accept what is offered and add to the idea. It’s similar to what Sivers is saying about starting a movement. In improv, if you step out to perform a scene and your scene partner initiates with, “Captain, your holding the binoculars backward”.  Until you ‘yes, and’ the situation, they are the lone nut.  They need to nurture you because you have the power to transform them into a reality that’s created together.