In June 2010, I joined a team from Mercy College that made a cross-country trip to LA for the Faculty Learning Community Facilitator and Developer Institute.  We were all prepared to become learning community facilitators.  Each year, Milton Cox and Laurie Richlin, offer this intensive, week-long, institute in a community oriented environment.

The conclusion of institue inculded a report from our team, which I led.  I outlined a plan for a Digital Storytelling Faculty Learning Community at Mercy College.  The slides are available here:

At the institute, we found the process to form an FLC that Cox and Richlin outlined did not fit exactly into the Mercy College culture.  The one sticking point was the application process, essentially, we didn’t want faculty to apply. Clearly, there is an argument for he advantages/disadvantages of application, but we opted out.  Armed with our own version of FLC at Mercy, we are seeing significantly growth and continue to run several communities each semester.

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