The Online Learning department at Mercy College launched a 20-minute student orientation for the Blackboard learning management system. The orientation required all students to watch an instructional video and then practice what they learned in an interactive exercise. There are four segments, each with one video and interactivity. Students were blocked from taking their classes until the orientation was complete.  At two weeks into the semester, 97% of students had successfully completed the orientation.

I served as instructional designer and media developer for this project. Other members of my team consisted of two subject matter experts (SMEs), a voice over artist, and one web developer/programmer. The SMEs wrote the script with my input and I developed a storyboard. The voice over artist produced the audio off-site and delivered CD quality audio files. I spent four days capturing screencasts, making title graphics, assembling all the media pieces and programming the four interactivities. Using Camtasia Studio 8 for the screen videos and Adobe Captivate 7 for the interactivities, I provided the web developer with both Adobe Flash and HTML 5 formatted files. Our web developer built an interface for students to access the media based on their platform (mobile device vs. computer) and to complete each segment in the appropriate order. After completion, students were allowed to access their courses.

Below is a segment of the orientation on using the discussion boards in Blackbaord.



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